Episode #326: ‘Veronica Mars’ 4x07 - Business as Usual


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The ReWatchable hosts return to discuss Veronica Mars season 4, episode 7, “Gods of War.”

Fun facts:
Karen got to visit Danielle in Chicago and saw some cats! Kendra is going to England and seeing some Harry Potter! Danielle thanks everyone for being patient and is so happy it’s finally October.
Veronica Mars season 4, episode 7, “Gods of War”:
-Veronica makes a lot of mistakes!
-She was also being kind of a dick to Logan.
-It’s a good thing she’s not waiting on him, but she could give him a little more time.
-Veronica was also a dick to Nicole.
-But we hope it’s not over with her! She needs more friends.
-Speaking of friends, Veronica was ALSO a dick to Wallace.
-Why is she still treating him the way she was treating him in high school?
-That sex dream was a lot to take in.
-Did Veronica make a good decision to say yes to Logan’s marriage proposal?
-Why did Veronica feel relief?
-Will Veronica and Logan make a good married couple?
-What did we think of the action at the cabin?
-Did we like Weevil’s arrival?
-Are we meant to believe the Pizza Guy really did those other bombs?
-Why don’t the FBI think he did it?
-That vending machine scene was ROUGH.
-Clyde is on his own now.
-How do we feel about Clyde at this point?
-Do we think Big Dick is gonna die?
-Little Dick turned out okay, all things considered.
-Do we care about the Maloofs?
-That limerick was dumbbbb.
-But it’s great to see Veronica and her father working together.
-Favorite scenes
-Favorite lines
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Listener Feedback:
-Leah finally caught up and Leo can totally still get it!
-Nasim has a guilty conscience.
Karen’s Conclusions for Veronica Mars season 4, episode 8, “Years, Continents, Bloodshed.”

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