Episode #340: ‘A League of Their Own’ Movie Special – There’s No Crying in Baseball


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The ReWatchable team comes together for a movie viewing of A League of Their Own and they get emotional over women in baseball once more!

Hosts: Danielle, Ariana, Kendra, Natalie, and Brittany
Fun Facts:
Kendra is putting together a fandom wall in her living room: items include Hogwarts, The Witcher, Baby Yoda, and Lost. Brittany had a baseball heavy day with watching some live sports and then reading about all of the rules that will be in play for the upcoming MLB season. Natalie is now a single issue person: we only talk about The Old Guard. But it has given her a window into single movies that inspire a fandom springing up around it. Ariana has watched two perfect things — The Baby-Sitters Club and Palm Springs. For more feel-good TV, Danielle has watched Baby Daddy, Young and Hungry, and Warrior Nun.
A League of Their Own movie discussion
– Superfans: How many times have you seen this movie?
– Newbies: Initial thoughts? First reactions?
– We need an “Is Tom Hanks Okay?” website for Kendra
– All-American Girls Baseball League was real! It lasted for about a decade while men were overseas and coming back
– The women were in fact obligated to attend charm school, wear lipstick at all times, and yes, those uniforms are true to history
– One thing that didn’t make it into the movie was the lesbian relationships that came out of the league
– There is a great focus on the many facets of being a woman in the 50s
– Let’s take a look at that propaganda
– Oh, and Evelyn needs to bring her child on the road because her husband doesn’t have a job and he bothers him… relevant today, no?
– What elements made it evident that this was directed by a woman?
– This is a story about women supporting women and siblings
– What do we think about Dottie’s motives in this movie?
– We talk about a deleted scene out of context for a bit, sorry about that, here is the clip!
– Little sister and big sister perspectives
– Spelling practice is sometimes just too much
– Ok, but did someone intentionally drop the ball on this play?
– We get more pitcher drama, Kit being pulled from the game has strong Ginny vibes
– If Dottie did drop the ball, what does that say for the rest of the team? And her attitude in general for the rest of the team?
– Can we imagine a world where Dottie can have both lives she wants?
– Sorry we explain this scene so late!
– Did it change the way the movie played out as a whole?
– Who was your favorite Rockford Peach?
– Know her: Mamie “Peanut” Johnson
– The dubbed voices were wild at the end
– How did the framing of the story work as told through flashbacks?
– The credits music was… A Choice

And now some quarantine news from Pitch:
What does it mean?
And the next show is…
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