ReWatchable Episode #291: ‘Sense8’ 2×09 — Mogul of Evil


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Join the ReWatchable hosts as they continue their re-watch with Sense8 season 2, episode 9, “What Family Actually Means.”

Superfans: Danielle and Maj

Newbies: Kristen and Natalie

Fun Facts:

Kristen is excited to see Ralph Breaks the Internet pretty soon after we finish recording this podcast. Natalie got up super early today, but she cheered on her Supernatural chums as they ran a marathon this morning. Maj has been watching A Discovery of Witches, and is enjoying it even despite a little cheesiness. Danielle is now officially a commuter for her job every day.

Sense8 season 2, episode 9, “What Family Actually Means”

– Synopsis

– A quick check in with Wolfgang who is thinking about leaving town for good

– Sun picks up her uniform for the gala and we talk about timelines and how these events on everyone’s timelines line up.

– Capheus has a convo with Silas after he catches Silas’ men following him.

– We can’t help but believe Silas and give him a pass for all the unsavory things he’s done.

– Dani finds the perfect script for Lito, but it’s a Hollywood film and that gives Lito some inferiority issues.

– She then kicks serious ass and gets Lito a meeting with the movie’s Academy Award winning producer.

– We gush over Dani and her moment of triumph.

– Kala is doing a little shopping and gossiping with her mom and sister.

– Her attitude in this scene is a little off-putting. It’s tough to hear her talk so negatively about women who have families and maybe don’t prioritize their careers.

– Skip ahead and Arjay comes for a visit. Totally weirded out by it. Both us and Kala.

– We have a lot of feelings about Kala’s terrible choices/indecisiveness.

– Riley being in Chicago allows Will to visit his father on his deathbed despite not being able to physically be there. And then his father sees him, and we all start bawling.

– And the newbies are both pretty confused as to what we saw in the basement flashbacks. The BPO story is hard to follow sometimes.

– Nomi’s story in this episode comes down to two moments: the toast and the wedding.

– We disagree about whether Nomi’s toast was a little too much about herself, but we agree that Teagan loved it and that is really all that matters.

– The wedding. Bendix. Amanita. Nomi’s father. Teagan. So much greatness.

– Favorite Scenes

– Favorite Lines

Listener Feedback:

– A listener wants us to consider Downton Abbey for future consideration. We shall see.

Fisher’s Forecasts and Kristen’s Kontemplations:

– Sense8 season 2, episode 10, “If All the World’s a Stage, Identity Is Nothing But a Costume”

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