ReWatchable Episode #295: 'Sense8' wrap up - Midwest Dad Style


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Join the ReWatchable hosts as they reflect on their Sense8 re-watch with an all-encompassing wrap up episode.

Superfans: Mitch, Karen, Danielle

Newbies: Natalie, Kristen, Caitlin

Fun Facts:

Mitch is a tease about seeing Anastasia on Broadway (he goes on to explain more later). Kristen is enjoying life with a niffler trinket tray (see her twitter for picture) and her new gravity blanket. Natalie wants to know what Mitch is talking about (and here’s where we get the full explanation). Caitlin has read 5 books since he started her Christmas vacation and has a couple to recommend. Danielle read 91 books this year and may squeeze two more in before 2018 ends. Karen is reading Slayer by Kirsten White which is a Buffy re-imagining.

A quick Sense8 finale discussion (AKA Natalie’s thoughts since she was the only one not on the finale discussion episode)

– Detective Mun is adorable and wonderful.

– Wolfgang’s pink jacket (and the rest of the tour bus scene)

– She wishes she could have seen Hernando get the full explanation, as well as Rajan

– All the sensates being in one place was really special.

– Wolfgang’s speech after his rescue was a bit of a tearjerker

– The Depeche Mode sing along made her happy.

– The pizza scene gave Natalie cravings.

– She was glad everyone got a moment to shine, including the sidekicks.

– The Wolfgang/Kala/Rajan situation reminded Natalie of a conversation they had on Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast a long time ago

– We’re not sure exactly what was going on with Jonas and Angelica, but we still don’t like them much.

– The wedding is a bit extra, but wonderful at the same time.

Our final Sense8 discussion in which we all share our favorites and general impressions

– Mitch’s favorite character this go-around was Lito, but it changes every time he watches. From carb-talk to that season 1 scene with the gun-lighter, he just made an impression.

– Danielle’s favorite will never change, and is definitely Lito. She adored the Amsterdam stuff, Lito screaming at the museum, and, especially, the tourist bus scene.

– Karen’s favorite character is Sun for many different reasons, including her fighting and soft spot for Mun.

– Did anything change for the superfans during this re-watch?

– Mitch has a lot of love for Will’s style.

– Kala fell in a lot of the superfans eyes.

– How do the newbies feel now at the end of the series?

– Kristen loves Amanita and everything she provided for Nomi and the rest of the sensates.

– Caitlin loved Capheus in the first season, but season 2 gave her a chance to truly fall for Sun.

– Natalie didn’t really pick a favorite, she found something to like about everyone… except for Jonas and Angelica, lol. If forced to choose, she’d probably say Wolfgang.

– Would the newbies rewatch?

– Do we want to see more Sense8 down the road?

Listener Feedback:

– Thank you for all your Sense8 feedback!

– We loved hearing all your favorite moments and it definitely reminded us of a few of our own.

– And it’s always nice to hear that people are still digging into our back catalog. So many good shows just waiting to be discovered!

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