You Can't Be an Entrepreneur If You Don’t Have This Skill


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Whether it’s a son of a friend who needs $250,000 to find a product and develop it, or an entrepreneur with a prospectus and alarm who needs $400k for 10 days, or a business with which you have a standing order, they all need one thing – to raise capital!

Today’s guest is Daymond John, one of the stars of ABC “Shark Tank”, who sees entrepreneurs pitch deals all day long. The founder and CEO of FUBU is the author of a new book called “Power Shift” that talks about how to transform any situation, close any deal, and achieve any outcomes.

In this episode of Rich Dad podcast, Robert Kiyosaki and John dive into what goes through his mind when somebody is out of touch with the world of entrepreneurship and capital raising, what turns him on or off on the deal, what happens when people he has invested in fail.

There's so much to learn!

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