Don't Keep Your Day Job - Featuring Cathy Heller


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Do you dread going to work? Does your job leave you feeling empty and unfulfilled? Is there something more you should be doing with your life?

In this episode, Cathy Heller (the author of Don’t Keep Your Day Job) reveals the secret to unlocking your talents and turning them into profit.

Listen to find out:

  • The key to getting paid doing what you love. (Most people go about it backward and wind up with a hobby and not a business!)
  • A simple exercise to uncover your true calling, and narrow your focus.
  • There are four types of successful entrepreneurs. Which type are you?
  • Answer three specific questions to ensure your creative business will make money.
  • Stop asking, “How will I find the time?” Creative and productive people rely on a quality that is infinitely more valuable than “free time.”
  • When to quit and when NOT to quit your day job.
  • The real reason people fail when they “follow their passion” and the simple shift that will allow the money to come.

Leaving your job to pursue a career where you have meaning and purpose isn’t as difficult as people think it needs to be.

Listen to find out more.

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