Episode 28 - Cleopatra and Precious


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Why have one fabulous British girl group when you can have two? Join Joel and David as they celebrate Cleopatra and Precious in this special episode... with more than a few nods to their fave pop hun Jenny Frost of Atomic Kitten! Thank you, baby. In the late 90s, Manchester trio Cleopatra made a big splash with their debut single 'Cleopatra's Theme' (their first of 3 consecutive UK Top 5 hits). With Madonna signing them to her label, plus a hit album "Comin' Atcha" and their own ITV sitcom of the same name - Cleo, Zainam and Yonah were unstoppable! Joel and David reflect on the excitement around the band, including career highlights like 'Thank ABBA For The Music' with Steps, B*Witched, Billie Piper and Tina Cousins. They also dive into Cleopatra's big budget yet underappreciated second album "Steppin' Out" and their drastic image change. Eurovision fans, this one's for you too. Joel and David also get into pop quintet Precious's short but sweet career. From their spectacular debut single 'Say It Again' at 1999's Eurovision Song Contest to the sophisticated 2000s bubblegum-pop stylings of 'Rewind', and their slick, R&B flavoured self-titled album. Pour yourself a nice glass of Grigio and press here to start, because the Right Back At Ya! boys are comin atcha! Follow us for more 2000s pop love: @rightbackpod @dr_joelb @lovelimmy Email our hearts: rightbackpod@gmail.com

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