Milan Kordestani - Building Three Startups Across Music, Technology, and Journalism By The Age of 19


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Milan Kordestani is a serial entrepreneur whose most notable startups include Guin Records, The Doe, and Dormzi. Before the age of 19, Milan found himself building three startups across music, technology, and journalism, while simultaneously attending college full time. Milan attributes his success to his unwavering belief that a collective culture built on innovation, ethics, and hard work yields positive results and he is passionate about sharing those ideas with the world. Together with friend Sabine Rizvi, Milan co-founded Dormzi. This unique marketplace provides a space for young entrepreneurs to build stores and monetize their skill sets. Dormzi allows anyone to hire young talent to complete jobs for them at a competitive rate while generating income that is truly flexible to their lifestyle, and build relationships with businesses.
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