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ROAR With Shari™ is a weekly show hosted by rape and incest survivor, Attorney Shari Karney. “Pain put me into hiding, purpose called me out,” says Karney. Shari offers up straight talk about fighting for justice for victims of sexual abuse. Trauma. Resilience. Healing. For rape survivors, child sexual abuse survivors, sexual harassment, campus sexual assault, date rape, and all sexual trauma victims. Each week Shari talks with inspiring guests and offers insight into the law, justice, victim stories, and life-changing transformations. It’s a podcast that shares the stories of sexual assault survivors who have turned pain into purpose to educate, empower, and inspire other survivors to take action against sexual assault. To break silence. The podcast asks trauma-informed questions: What happened to you? What have you lived through, what have you survived?” How has it affected you?” Conversations on how do we help get justice so that lives can be transformed. We talk with change-makers, rainmakers, and more than a few troublemakers who courageously, bravely and fearlessly Roar as One, with Shari. . . All Things Justice for Women & Survivors. Shari Karney’s story as a child sexual abuse survivor was made into a top-rated NBC-TV movie “Shattered Trust: The Shari Karney Story,” As Founder of the nonprofit, ROAR As One™, Karney is also a victims’ rights attorney who represents victims of child sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape, campus sexual assault, clergy abuse, coach-teacher sex abuse, celebrity sex abuse, and sexual harassment. Currently, Karney and the non-profit 501(c)(3) ROAR As One™ is working on education and research, with Congress to eliminate all statutes of limitations for survivors of child sexual abuse. There should be no time limits for justice for survivors of child sexual abuse. Children so preyed on, exploited, and cruelly harmed should have human and civil rights. Karney believes that every victim deserves to have their voice heard. By empowering victims of child sexual abuse, we stop the vicious generational cycle of child sexual abuse.

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