12 Nov - The one where Jonny RUINS Robin's advice.


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Robin busts some movie myths (he narrated Mythbusters don't you know!!!)... the disgusting place Vanilla flavoring comes from... what Jonny has become addicted to... Paris Jackson has released a single... Jonny has a hoarding room... Play-Doh for grown-ups... why was Donald Trump's lawyer in a car park?... the most and least addictive foods... what's happening to Trump's Madame Tussauds waxwork?... why a woman had a legal complaint against her new husband... how many of these Dad phrases does Robin use?... who was right here, the school or the mum?... the top things to never say on a date... good news surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak... Robin tries to give some lovely advice, but Jonny isn't having any of it... has Jonny met his new girlfriend's parents?... the Goop Christmas guide... Robin is left waiting for a Tom Cruise joke that never comes... what Jonny clearly wants for Christmas... how is Jonny's Movember mustache going?... the guys chat about Pokémon Go... the new 2020 scent candle.. AND I'VE BEEN RELIABLY INFORMED WE HAVE AN EXTRA BIT THIS WEEK DUE TO A PRODUCTION SCREW UP! COOOOOOL!

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