22 Oct - The one where Jonny is 'red' NOT 'read'! 🦐🔥🇴🇲


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Jonny got sunburn... Jonny's disgusting idea for soothing his sunburn... the top emotions we feel when working out... Calm Larry has a fear of speed bumps... Tiffany Trump turns 27... what food did you hate as a child but love now?... Jonny was recognised in Al Fair... the top signs you're losing your sense of humour... who is the mystery voice who cannot pronounce the word "preposterousness"?... NASA's new international rules for space travel... the new film about Napolean... how one airline is adapting to Covid... Robin's daughter tells us what his wife thinks of the show... dogs can sniff out Coronavirus... the celebrities most likely to give you a computer virus... Jonny describes great movies, but in a boring way... the guys ramble incoherently for over a minute (no change there then)... what do you taste like to mosquitos... the guys react to Kanye's presidential campaign video... Trump is back on the campaign trail... Jonny did something with his girlfriend that he's never done before... the things women hate to hear... Calm Larry celebrates his dad's birthday... Barron Trump had Covid-19... Jonny has some beef with the Kanye presidential campaign video... Jonny describes movies in a boring way AGAIN... Jonny makes a joke about one of Hi FM's core artists... Robin's daughter is becoming high maintenance... AND MORE RUBBISH SO YOU CAN GET REALLY ANGRY AND WONDER 'HOW THESE 2 ARE ACTUALLY STILL ALLOWED TO BROADCAST".

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