The message of Jesus regarding Racism George Floyds Murder and Americas Riots


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This is probably one of the most meaningful episodes I've ever done of this podcast. Thank you for listening. I love you all and would ask that you please consider sharing todays episode.

The world is on fire with anger, confusion, hatred, and the media is making sure we get to take it all in but is that really wrong? Shouldn't we see the struggle that people are facing? Shouldn't we ALL be aware of the fears that are plaguing black people in America? Has America turned a blind eye to racism? Has the WORLD turned a blind eye to racism? Where is God in all of this hurt? Where is the message of Jesus in all this pain and turmoil?

WHAT is the message of Jesus when a man is murdered by a police officer and many people are burning the country to the ground?

I'm going to do my best to tackle this today and show you the message of Jesus in the midst of all of this.

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