Roker Rapport Special: With former Sunderland AFC CEO and Vice Chairman - John Fickling!


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Chris Wynn had the opportunity to speak with lifelong MLF and former Sunderland Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman Mr John Fickling about his 62 years actively following the Lads and his time at the club from 1995 to 2006! You can listen for FREE on Acast, iTunes, Spotify, & YouTube - get stuck in!

What are we talking about?

  • What are John’s first memories of Roker Park and following the Lads?

  • How has Sunderland evolved as a club since the late 1950s both on and off the pitch?

  • Who were the best players John’s ever seen in the red and white stripes, and what are his standout moments of the last sixty-plus years?

  • How did John come to meet Sir Bob Murray, and what were his initial thoughts on the planned move from Roker to the banks of the Wear?

  • The epic story of the race to build the Stadium of Light and the Academy, the lengths they went to in order to get it done in time, and the inspiration they sought from across the continent;

  • The golden years of Reidy and the unfortunate appointment of.. er.. Howard Wilkinson; How crazy was that era in club history?

  • When the decision was made to leave the club, how difficult a decision was it for a local lad to make?

There is simply too much to put down here lads and lasses, a story of a local lad who happened to find himself in the right place at the right time, and one of the men who helped build the facilities we have today - talking about as well as anything else - his sadness at watching recent years events unfold and his continuing hope that he'll see his boyhood club get back to where it belongs.

An all around lovely man. Enjoy.

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