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Episode 89 - A little creation, Elric regales us with his contrast experiences. For lore, we cover a bunch of YouTube BatRep channels and give our thoughts on what makes a great BatRep video. Then we look back to the 20 and 10 year old White Dwarves. Lastly we announce the double turn mechanic for 40k. (KIDDING)!!! MWG - GMG - Sword and Steele - Re-Rolling Ones - Creaky Gamers - LWG (Lancaster War Gaming) - SE Wargaming - The Belligerent Duck - The Dark Artisan - Razortree Productions - Links that still need to be seen AoS Reminders - Forge the Narrative - FooteWorks - Bill’s YouTube Channel - Contact us! Patreon Page for Rolling Bad Podcast - Facebook - Rolling Bad podcast Feed site - Twitter - @rolling_bad Our E-Mail - The Hosts and their twitters; @billcastello @Elricedge @RTGamer @MidwestChad Links mentioned or that we like! Realm and Ruin Podcast - Garagehammer - Forge The Narrative - The Mitzy and Jimbo Show! - Sonic Sledgehammer on YouTube - AoS Shorts - "Take a Chance" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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