RAS #448 - Into The Darkness


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This time on we take a walk on the dark side. We have three listener stories that include it in form or another. The first one just might be the creepiest story to date. Then we head to Glacier National Park to witness a rip in space and time, and finally, Tammy encounters an entity shrouded in darkness. Jason Dowd is back with the second installment of The Paranormal With Jason. Jason answers listener Camille’s question about timeslips. Do you think you can handle it? About Jason Dowd - From an early age, Jason has loved his art. Over the years he has used various mediums, but none was more profound to him than photography. He finds inspiration wherever he goes because he keeps his eyes open for things that will make the perfect photo. Jason lives in the great state of Florida and has been a part of Ron’s Amazing Stories since the beginning. He first appeared on the podcast in where he introduced us to his book . If that wasn’t enough Jason is our radio producer. He has been putting the podcast out on the radio for the last 5 years! Jason is also the CEO and founder of Gladys Goodies. Jason’s Links: , , , , and . Program Links: Link to the of Ron’s nephew and the Rolling Stones. Ron’s Amazing Stories Sponsored by: Audible - You can get a free audiobook and a 30 day free trial at and - Good Treats for your dog to eat. Ron’s Amazing Stories is produced and hosted by Ronald Hood:Email: Blog Page: Facebook: Twitter: Helpful Links: - Help the podcast by taking this survey. - Use this link to submit your stories to the show. - Looking for the first 100 episodes of the podcast?

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