RAS #464 - With Folded Hands


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On we have an eclectic collection of stories. We will begin with a tale that has its origins in Arizona, but was told to me in person in a park right here in Vancouver, Washington. Then we have a brand new Johnny Is This True that returns to its roots in the strange and unusual. To end the show we have a classic science fiction tale titled With Folded Hands. I think you are going to enjoy it. Featured Story - With Folded Hands Our featured story this week comes from the OTR series Dimension X. Underhill, a seller of Mechanicals is startled to find a new competitor's store on his way home. His robots are unthinking and are designed to perform menial tasks. These sleek black robots who appear more advanced than anything Underhill has encountered before are simply amazing. They describe themselves as Humanoids. But is there something sinister about them? Listen and find out. Ron’s Amazing Stories Sponsored by: Audible - You can get a free audiobook and a 30 day free trial at and - Good Treats for your dog to eat. Ron’s Amazing Stories is produced and hosted by Ronald Hood:Email: Blog Page: Facebook: Twitter: Helpful Links: - Help the podcast by taking this survey. - Use this link to submit your stories to the show. - Looking for the first 100 episodes of the podcast?

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