Creating Your Own Version of Freedom From Within


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What’s your definition of freedom?

Most people chalk it up to the Instagram-worthy things like: travel! Work from wherever! Laptop lifestyle! $10k months!

Sure, that shit all sounds great.

But freedom ultimately comes from within.

🌴I’ve lived in the exotic locations. I’ve done the laptop lifestyle (and technically still do, but in a different way) and worked from wherever.

👉🏽And I can tell you from experience that you can be in the most beautiful location in the world, surrounded by incredible people you adore and have money in the bank....and still feel trapped in a cage of your own making.

Feeling lost. Directionless. Unsure of your purpose. And no idea what the f*ck to do next.

Freedom is something that has to be cultivated from within. Otherwise any external version of freedom will only be an illusion.

So where to start when it comes to cultivating this sense of freedom?

We're going to dig into this today and everything that freedom truly represents for you.


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