SEASON 2: Launching December 31, 2020


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I’m Emily Gough, a human connection coach, speaker and mental health advocate with an insatiable sense of curiosity and adventure, always asking more questions and using the power of stories to teach, learn and grow.

240 episodes in after launching in June 2018, we’re shaking things up here on the Room to Grow™ Podcast and making some highly intentional and radical moves as I shift the way I show up for myself and in service of others, particularly on this podcast.

It’s about allowing for Room to Grow™ and expanding this podcast to focus on three main pillars:

1. Human connection

2. Personal Growth

3. Freedom

We’ll be covering topics like:

Relationships and cultivating genuine, supportive connections with ourselves and others

Speaking your truth.

Shattering personal barriers.

Radical self acceptance.

Courageously leaning into your skill sets.

Whether it’s a solo episode or bringing on highly curated guests with incredible stories, experiences and expertise to share, we’re leaning in and taking the entire idea of Room to Grow™ to the next level - all while still covering the uncomfortable topics that many of us like to avoid.

It’s time to expand, level up and show up boldly. To take up space and acknowledge that little twinge of knowing you’re capable of more, even if it means going against the grain. To confidently trust yourself and show up with all kinds of compassion. And to deepen and strengthen your relationship with yourself and others while creating the life you’ve barely allowed yourself to dream about, whatever that looks like for you.

Season 2 kicks off December 31, 2020. Buckle up.

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