The Candid Cox Cast: How to Get Better at Coxing When No One Teaches You How


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This week on the CCC, it's another DUTCH EDITION with coxswain and now-lightweight rower sisters Julia and Emma Groenveld. I butcher the Dutch and they provide some cool insight on what their Netherlands-based club does to help coxswains get better when most coxes are left to their own devices to learn the craft AND be expected to perform. we talk resources, strategies, how to use your athletes and even your "competition" to learn and get better. This episode is jam-packed with fun and strategies, so I hope you enjoy this one! Follow on Instagram for updates or submit your questions and get involved with the show: @TheCandidCoxCast or email at Julia Groeneld: @JuliaGroenveld Emma Groenveld: @Emmasophiexx Skoll (Amsterdam): @Skollamsterdam

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