Eclipse Phase: Djerba – The Eighth Sea – Episode 1


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A group of desperate and ambitious criminals on Mars plan to start their own gang. Named the Eighth Sea, after the restaurant serving as their front, the crew realizes they need to learn how to work with and trust each other. To that end, they have set up a time-accelerated simulated reality, where each member of the cartel can share some of their own memories and put the group through their own training exercise. Meet the crew: Renee as Cadence, an illegal fork of an academic psychosurgeon Jay B as Eleazar, a Shugyosha warrior and ego hunter David as Zemo an hyperelite dilettante thief Aaron as Simon, an illegal SAIRC fork Tom as Lawrence a human pretending to be an uplift octomorph Greg as Nil, a forked AGI hacker and drone specialist Ross as the GM

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