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Sputnik Orbiting the World: Bolivian election and pandemic solution


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Things are not going so well for the “ministry of regime change” in Washington, DC. Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela are still standing despite being named as avowed targets for overthrow by the Trump administration. In Bolivia, where the US first fomented and then welcomed the coup which overthrew and exiled Evo Morales, the process seems to have has gone into reverse as a counter revolution has been carried out, entirely democratically. Even the losers in the election have conceded that the party of Evo Morales, MAS, has won a landslide victory this week. One man who has been standing bravely at his post and bringing us news of the events despite intimidation and threats is Ollie Vargas. We spoke with him from his base in La Paz. The pandemic has not gone away and it continues to cut a swath through Britain. Half of the country is, in one form or another, now in the most serious lockdown tier. The World Health Organization warned us back in March that the hiatus in the summer would not last. Now, with over 40 million confirmed cases globally and, according to reputable number-crunchers such as the FT, UK deaths stand at 75,000. The figure is again rising as we head into winter. Whether these deaths are a direct result of the virus or because of a buckling health system overwhelmed by cases, it is clear the pandemic is not going away soon. So, we spoke with Dr. Margaret Harris from the World Health Organization to find out how we can learn to live with the virus.

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