Power up your coaching and get players to think for themselves


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Mark Bennett MBE, a leading coach and coach developer, explains how he helps coaches to help players to think for themselves. He has very powerful methods to work across all levels of the game, to suit the player in front of you.

In this podcast, we explored these areas:

  • What is meant by a coachable player
  • How to make players think for themselves
  • What tools to use, with players and with coaches
  • The rule of three - how it is for you, not for them
  • What to set as targets so there are intrinsic
  • How to work with mixed ability groups
  • Creating Ninjas in your coaching world

Mark is a former British Commando and senior instructor with the Army Physical Training Corps. He has had over 30 years of practice and research into developing his coaching and learning consultancy, Performance Development Systems (PDS).

He currently works as a consultant, coach trainer and mentor with various professional and national sport organizations, teams and universities around the world, as well as schools and community sports.

For more information and to contact him to see if he can help you, visit:


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