John Konecki - High Speed Spread Football Across the World Ep. 205


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On today’s episode of RTP we talk with John Konecki. Coach Konecki is the head coach at Crete-Monee HS in Crete, IL. He is also a creator of the High Speed Spread Football website with John G. Maurek and Terrance Banks. Listen as we talk with Coach Konecki about his unique football coaching experience with the US women’s team and the Swedish men’s national team. We also talk about special plays, tricks, and how to improve your Empty package. You can follow Coach Konecki on Twitter @shotgunfball. This episode of Run the Power is brought to you by Just Play Solutions. Just Play provides coaches with football playbook and game planning tools to prepare faster and engage with today’s athlete. Create and organize your playbook with terminology, diagrams, video, and assignments. Just Play has a limited offer for RTP listeners only. Get My Just Play PRO for $120. That is $60 off normal list price. This offer ends June 1st. Get this deal at The best playbook tool on the market! Don't wait, do it today! Learn more at This episode of Run The Power is brought to you by TeamBuildr. TeamBuildr is again offering coaches a free In-season Football Strength Program. As you may recall, the New England Patriots squat up to 90% of their 1-Rep Max deep into the playoffs. If your in-season strength and conditioning philosophy is to "maintain," then you are doing it wrong. You can get the program once you start a 14-day trial with TeamBuildr. Just reach out and tell them that you heard from Rowdy and the RTP podcast or use Code RTP when you sign up for your free trial at This episode of Run the Power is brought to you by Guardian Caps Lincoln Riley on Guardian Caps:…-weird-helmets- Guardian Cap Customer Videos: Clemson: Texas:…1108768557482033153 Oklahoma:…1106250867932610563 Kansas State:…23868304347137?s=20 Click here to check them out and hit the yellow bar at the top for team pricing! Guardian Caps

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