How Threekit Is Disrupting Their Market with Content Marketing "Piggybacking"


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In this episode, you'll hear about the challenges of a new categorical SaaS disrupting a prebuilt industry.

You'll learn about piggybacking on search versus defining new languages, how content marketing has been critical for success for Threekit and how their outbound mixed with content has been in an essential step for new growth. And finally looking forward, you'll hear how Hillary sees the changing landscape in SaaS after COVID-19, what she's expecting to play out and how they're working to make sure that they're ahead of the curve.

Enjoy and celebrate with us as this is our episode #100!

Show Notes:

  • 03:20 Helping Provide The Most Immersive Helpful Online Visual Product Experience
  • 04:55 Coming In To Create And Solidify Brand Positioning And All Things Website
  • 06:05 Emerging Categories And Languaging
  • 11:05 The Number One Challenge When Disrupting A Whole Market
  • 13:15 How To Approach Search Marketing When You're Early In A Category
  • 16:25 The Benefits For Companies Of A Better Visual Experience In This Visual Economy
  • 20:20 Leveraging Content Published By Others
  • 22:00 An Efficient Outbound Process And A Cool 3-tier Campaign
  • 27:40 The Number One KPI And The Reason For It
  • 29:55 Hard lesson: Providing More Deep Technical Content And Product Feature Details
  • 33:05 The Majority Shift That Is Going To Happen Because People Are Now Learning New behaviors
  • 36:35 Lightning Questions

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