#82: Better Late Than Never


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The year started out quietly enough... that is until all of the delays began and started ruining our lives. Final Fantasy VII Remake. Cyberpunk 2077. Dying Light 2. The Avengers. Even that completely random Iron Man VR game wasn't immune! But should we be concerned about the reworked schedule? Or has the shifting calendar serendipitously bought us precious time to catch up on our backlogs? We discuss. Plus: It looks like Horizon is coming to PC, Call of Duty absolutely dominated last decade's sales charts, Monster Hunter: World continues to crush it for Capcom, and much more. Then, listener questions! Does E3's decline signal the end of The ESA? What's with all of the tiny text in games? Could DualShock 5 have a small screen on it? Was Chris riding a bicycle through the streets of London last week? All of that (and much more) right after you press the play button.

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