How To Recover From Your Catastrophic Comment


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We’ve all been there. Sometimes our emotions or the heat of the moment sweep away all wisdom or self-restraint, and we say something in a work setting that makes us wish we could rewind history.

Alas, time doesn’t work that way. So for some tips on how to smooth over the potentially career-killing rough patch you’ve just made for yourself, we’re welcoming back Joseph Grenny. He is a four-time New York Times bestselling author, and a leading social scientist for business performance. Grenny’s here to show us how to recover from blunders that could have long time effects on your career.

Then later, listener Dave is trying to figure out how to save his health and his sanity, as he climbs the corporate ladder. And listener Susan is hoping to have a fresh start with her new boss, despite a questionable review from her old one.

Lastly, we turn to you, dear listeners! Some of you were super helpful and wrote in with advice for our recent caller, Michelle, a Ph.D. student who was on our show a few weeks back, asking about how to dodge her nightmare of a supervisor.

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