24: Why You Always Want to MAKE It a GREAT Day


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Occasionally I get some who stops me and asks why I always say "Make it a Great Day" instead of "Have a Nice Day" or "Have a Good Day". I even had a client end a call with me yesterday by saying "Make it a Great Day" and then he proceeded to ask me if he owed me a royalty for using that phrase. That is EXACTLY what I like to hear. Not that I am owed a royalty. Rather, that my personal brand exudes optimism and having fun. That is the way it should be, both in your professional life and in your personal life. After all, if you can’t have fun then what can you have? What exactly are we doing here? Right? So what does your personal brand and attitude say about you to your prospects and customers? If you want to learn why you should choose optimism over pessimism every time and why your words, your choices and your personal brand all matter to you as a sales professional (and more importantly learn how they affect your sales success), then you will want to listen to today’s podcast episode.

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