28: Stu Schlackman Interview: Four People You Should Know


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Stu Schlackman is a relationship selling expert, a popular speaker, President of the Dallas Chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA), and author of the book “Four People You Should Know: How to Connect for Exceptional Sales, Customer Service and Unified Teams”. Stu joined the show to discuss the ins and outs of the four people you should know, which are really four personality types of your buyers. Stu dissects how each of the personality types make decisions and commit, which is very helpful for sales professionals trying to navigate the political waters when dealing with teams of buyers made up of multiple personalities from multiple departments. Stu reminds everyone that “people still buy from people” and provides real insights and strategies into how to effectively communicate leveraging the power of influence, persuasion and convincing. If you want to improve the way you manage complex technical sales cycles within complicated multiple buyer team environments, then you will definitely want to listen to this episode.

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