57: Difference between Use Cases and Case Studies


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On this episode of the Sales Integrity Podcast we examine the seemingly subtle difference between "Use Cases" and "Case Studies" and how both tactics can be used within your prospecting and selling efforts. Many sales professionals would like to leverage Case Studies within their selling efforts because helps demonstrate credibility within the selling process. Case Studies make it easier to convince prospects and customers you have "been there; done that" as it relates to the solution you are selling. However, many companies lock down the process of creating formal Case Studies and only allow for the use of formally approved Case Studies created by the Marketing Department. This is where "Use Cases" come in and can help sales professionals quickly create the messaging they need to positively influence, persuade and convince their prospects and customers by leveraging the concepts of "Social Proof" and "Competitive Intelligence". If you want to elevate your sales prospecting game to establish credibility, generate more leads and close more business so you can earn more money then you will definitely want to listen to this podcast episode!

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