41. Salesforce Performance Optimization


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salesforce performance

Paul Battison, Salesforce MVP, the COO at Cloudgalacticos, joins to talk about Salesforce Performance.

Paul is a Certified Platform Developer I, II, and all-around geek (Ruby, iOS, Android, Java, Node, etc.). Paul has a passion for technology and mathematics and applying them to help improve lives

Main Points

  • Paul and I start to talk a bit about performance in B2B and B2C platform
  • Paul’s self-introduction and multiple roles
  • The impact of governor limits on performance in Salesforce comparing to other platforms
  • How did Paul use the Salesforce platform to process heavy AI modeling?
  • Why do senior developers love governor limits?
  • Paul talks about the performance in the front-end and the back-end.
  • Paul talks about lazy load or bulk load in the front-end, and what are the pros and cons of both.
  • Using Chrome Dev Tools for front-end performance troubleshooting.
  • Our talk briefly touch the flow and process builder performance
  • Paul talks about multiple performance points we can pay attention to on Apex
  • Paul also shares the attitude of paying attention to performance and learning-related skills


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