Salty Language 436 - Kingdom of Misbelief


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This week Bryan and Tony discuss their week, bar night, Peloton Ad, Aviation Gin ad, Call of Duty, weed in Michigan, CBS Espresso, Yeti koozies, art stuff, season pass/microtransactions, fellatio cafe, fake border scam, dating site, KFC fire log, a SUATMM, the Salty Language t-shirt, Dude Mountain, a QoftheW and more! Shirts: Our Patreon: Bryan's Go Fund Me: Links: 1. Legal weed sales numbers in Michigan 2. Fellatio cafe 3. Fake border 4. Dating app for one person 5. KFC fire log 6. Edible wrapping paper for dogs 7. Peloton woman in Aviation Gin ad QoftheW: What 5 podcasts would you listen to for the rest of your life? Subscribe / rate / review us on Apple Podcasts! Visit us at: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: iHeart Radio: Google Play Music: / @salty_language / / Instagram: SaltyLanguage Reddit: r/saltylanguage Stitcher: Blubrry: TuneIn: Share with your friends!

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