Fifty Shades of Tulumbe


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It's Episode 28 of Sarajevo Calling, wherein Aleksandar and Jasmin discuss Balkan cuisine. Sogan dolma, klepe, ajvar, njeguški pršut, tulumbe, baklava; it's our most sensual and syrupiest episode yet. It'll make you light up a cigarette and maybe make you feel a bit uncomfortable. Maybe you have a nap afterwards, just to let things settle. That seems like a good idea. Anyway, enjoy!

Sarajevo Calling is a podcast about Southeast European affairs, focusing in particular on the contemporary politics of the Western Balkans. Hosted by journalist Aleksandar Brezar and political scientist Jasmin Mujanović, and with graphics provided by Boris Stapić, Sarajevo Calling posts new episodes every two weeks.

This time we were without the services of our sound editor Esad Rebihić, who usually makes us sound so much better than in real life. Please admire his other work here.

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