'Amphibia' Creator Matt Braly on Season 2 and Anne's Missing Shoe


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Amphibia fans by and large want to know one thing above all:

Will Anne Boonchuy ever find her missing shoe?

I recently spoke with the show's creator and executive producer Matt Braly about that very fact, along with all things Amphibia ahead of the series' Season 2 premiere, Saturday, July 11th (8:20 p.m. EDT/PDT), on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW. We chatted about how fan reactions from Season 1 led to some interesting changes as Braly and his creative team shaped Season 2 and beyond; Season 3 of Amphibia has already been ordered, after all. We also talked about how the ongoing pandemic forced the team to stay flexible in order to bring more episodes to fans around the world as quickly as possible, all while maintaining the high standards we've come to know and love from Disney and Amphibia. Plus, while Season 2 will feature some absolutely incredible multi-part episodes that further explore the fantasy world, it'll also include some unexpected guest stars, like the one-and-only Kermit the Frog. All that and more can be found in our interview listed above!

As a refresher for Amphibia, when Season 2 picks up, Anne and the Plantars are on a quest to unlock the mysteries of the music box as they leave the cozy confines of Wartwood for the distant city of Newtopia. On their journey, they will visit exotic new locations, uncover hidden secrets and experience unexpected reunions as they continue to search for a way to get Anne home. The new season will include an homage to Disney's hit Gravity Falls, featuring guest voices from the series' creator/executive producer Alex Hirsch.-

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