Nick Wolfhard on 'The Last Kids on Earth' Season 2 and 'Smiling Friends' with Brother Finn


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Based on the New York Times bestselling book series by Max Brailler, the fun and lighthearted series 'The Last Kids on Earth' follows Jack Sullivan (Nick Wolfhard) and a band of suburban middle-schoolers living in a decked-out tree house, playing video games, gorging themselves on candy and battling zombies. All-new episodes of the action-packed Atomic Cartoons adaptation, from showrunner Scott Peterson, are now streaming on Netflix.

I had a chance to chat with Wolfhard about Season 2 (or Season 1: Part B as it's displayed on Netflix itself) as part of our continuing interview series for Saturday Mourning Cartoons. We talked about the challenges of living in self-isolation and social distancing in the real world while playing a character trying to survive the apocalypse in the fictional one. Wolfhard also shared his thoughts on Jack's growth this season, his questionable taste in food, and all the challenges awaiting Jack and his friends throughout these new episodes. Plus, he gave us a behind-the-scenes account of how he and his brother Finn Wolfhard got involved with the insane animated short Smiling Friends, which they did for Adult Swim. All that and more awaits!


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