'The Last Kids on Earth' Star Nick Wolfhard on Season 3 & Beyond


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Season 3 of the Emmy-winning series The Last Kids on Earth, with action-packed animation from Atomic Cartoons, is now streaming on Netflix. It hails from bestselling author Max Brallier and showrunner Scott Peterson, and continues the adventures of Jack & Co. as the kids attempt to survive a monstrous post-apocalypse. The new season adapts Brallier's Book #3, "The Nightmare King," and uses clever storytelling techniques to explore the dreamscape nestled inside the kids' minds as the narrative unfolds. It's definitely worth a watch so put it on your list now at the very least!

With the arrival of the new season of Last Kids, I had a chance to chat with star Nick Wolfhard about the events of "The Nightmare King" and where Jack's head is at this season. Jack and the kids will have to face terrors both real and imagined, but they'll also have to deal with internal conflicts within their friend group. It's not all doom and gloom though! Above all else, The Last Kids on Earth is a super-fun ride into the post-apocalypse. Read on below for Wolfhard's insight into just how fun it was to make! Some light spoilers follow:

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