239: "The Completely Self-Indulgent Podcast Part 3" - The Best Episodes Of Saturday Night Jive


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Part 3 of our Saturday Night Jive Wank-A-Thon is the wankiest yet. We are counting down our favorite episodes of the podcast. Not the best movies or the worst movies but the ones that left us with the most to talk about. Enjoy listening to us talk about ourselves and throw to clips of ourselves talking. Scroll down for the full list

110. "Malkovich Made A Dumb Fuck Robot" - Making Mr. Right
180: Taco Hamburger 12" - Epic Movie
182: "Specifically For Melanie Hutsell" - Grown Ups 2
6: "Where All Cats Dicks Live" - The Cat In The Hat
131: "You're Wasting Your Magic On Bullshit" - Bewitched
162: "It's Fuck Or Treasure Hunt" - Million Dollar Mystery
52: "Hector Elizondo's Fuck Island" - Exit To Eden
45: "Clemenza Takes The Cannoli" - Freddy Got Fingerered
195: "Move Over Emily Prager" - Pootie Tang
47: "Wait. What?" - Southland Tales
46: "What Do You Think Of This, Mr. Horse?" - Hot To Trot
159: "Porn And Corn" - Going Ape/Twins
9: "Get That Cherry Pie Man!" - The Master Of Disguise
174": "His Face Is Off His Face" - Son Of The Mask
215: "Songs By Smash Mouth" - Zoom
142: "Pre-Teen No Go Prom" - Furry Vengeance
78: "I Need All The Disinfectant" - Disclosure
177: "Fuck You, Garry Marshall" - Dear God
25: "Well, His Name Was Cho-Cho" - Karate Dog
120: "What's This? Karate-oke?" - Duets
198: "Does That Mean Ray Charles Is A Horse?" - Limit Up
224: "There's A Nugget Of Corn In There" - Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star
56: "That's A Lot Of Apples" - In Dreams
149: "Uncle No-No's Home For Wayward Kangaroos" - Matilda (1978)
49: "No. No. No? No." - Homer And Eddie
72: "Squeeze The Pig Piss Over Baby Mila Kunis" - Krippendorf's Tribe
80: "Bitch Slap From An Old Jew" - Motorama
13: "Would You Like A Bite Of My Sausage?" - Boat Trip
93: "Hitler Robot Santa...What Did I Miss?" - The Santa Clause 2/The Santa Clause 3
133: "Good On You, Ghost Kid" - Three Men And A Baby
48: "Dumb Ass Horses" - Two Bits And Pepper
30: "God, I Miss The Cans" - Heartbeeps

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