Non Fiction, Stillicide and The Diver's Game, There Are No Beginnings, Pre-Raphaelite Sisters, Living With Yourself


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Non Fiction is a very French film about writers and publishers debating the future of the book vs e-book. But the characters also all appear to be having affairs with each other: Tres Francais! But will our reviewers be seduced? Stillicide by Cynan Jones and The Diver's Game by Jesse Ball are two new dystopian novels which both authors insist are NOT dystopian. Who's right; The reader or the author? There Are No Beginnings is the play chosen to open the newly renovated Leeds Playhouse. The playwright Charley Miles has insisted it is "NOT a play about The Yorkshire Ripper" but his presence is a dark force at the centre of the play. Pre-Raphaelite Sisters is a new exhibition at London's National Portrait Gallery which aims to look at the women behind the movement most commonly associated with the Brotherhood - as models, artists, makers, partners and poets. Living With Yourself is a Netflix series starring Paul Rudd as a man who accidentally finds himself cloned and having to deal with the new version of himself Tom Sutcliffe's guests are Helen Lewis, Maev Kennedy and Laurence Scott. The producer is Oliver Jones Podcast Extra selections Helen: Mephisto at The Gate Theatre... and public loos at theatres more generally Maev: Georgette Heyer Laurence: Patricia Lockwood on John Updike in the LRB

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