#9 – How do I make my dating profile stand out? | Alexis Germany


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#9 – How do I make my dating profile stand out? | Alexis Germany

For the first episode of 2021, I'm really excited to have a publicist turned dating and confidence coach, Alexis Germany, here with me. I first came across Alexis on Bustles’ article called 14 TikTok Dating Coaches Who Are Here To Save Your Love Life. I love that title. And in the article, Alexis gave her 60,000 Twitter followers very specific and actionable tips on how to make the most out of their dating profiles.

I certainly have been stuck not knowing what to write or what photos to pick on my own CMB profile. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who's had that experience. So for the new year, for those of us who are giving another go on our dating life, I wanted to have Alexis here to give you all the tips that you need to set up your CMB profile for success.

This is “Save the Date,” a dating survival kit from Coffee Meets Bagel. Each episode, our Chief Dating Officer Dawoon Kang will sit down with a guest expert to tackle some of your most burning dating questions and explore what it takes to ultimately reach your goals: going on great dates that lead to a lasting, serious relationship.


How a publicist becomes a dating coach [1:10]

The top three common mistakes Alexis sees in her client’s dating profiles [1:47]

Alexis’ favorite advice to give her clients [4:45]

Why the order of your photos matters [6:42]

A few simple ways to get more, high-quality photos for your profile [7:35]

An introduction to profile reviews [10:43]

Profile review #1: Andrea [12:37]

Profile review #2: Edgar [23:43]

Profile review #3: Miss Anonymous [34:25]

Profile review #4: Samian [42:05]

The best dating advice Alexis ever received [52:07]



“After you write your profile, if it could describe you, your sister, your best friend, and your coworker, then it's not unique enough. It's time to add in some unique flavor.”

“We want to be using photos that are less than a year old and we all have access to the technology to make sure that we can do that.”

“When building your profile, remember that you're investing in your romantic life. Put your best foot forward because that's going to help you yield the best results.”

“We all learn we grow, we become better people - but at our core, we know what we need, we know what our needs are and how they need to be met.”

“The top three profile mistakes are 1) a blank profile relying on photos alone, 2) not using good quality photos, and 3) having lots of errors, writing too much, or being too vague.”

“Ask a friend of the opposite sex to look at your profile, and don't be hurt when they tell you their honest opinion of it.”

“But anybody should be able to see five photos of you, they can see five photos of you, then once you move to texting, they should not be asking you, ‘send me a pic.’ like No, you've seen five photos, if you don't like those five photos, you're not gonna like me physically.”

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