Do They Serve Jello In Hell?


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Happy Canada Day!!! / "To Catch A Predator" host Chris Hansen is wanted dead or alive / Desperado / Baseball batted to death / #supervaxxed / Former white British man now identifies as non-binary Korean something / Songs that wouldn't fly in today's social climate / Bill Cosby released from prison / Trinidad has been cancelled / One clean joke / Lamar Odom destroys Aaron Carter / Kid Rock is in hot water over a bundle of sticks on stage / Hasidic Jews / Urban camping enthusiasts under the DVP / Peequal / The world's richest man and his brother are going to space / Stop killing indigenous kids / NHL is an essential business / Shoppers Drug Mart self-checkout machines are making people go mental / 20 yo Only Fans creator dies doing TikTok dry scooping challenge / Plus lots of other kooky and zany antics!

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