Dr Akuɔ̈t:'Some Members of our community who recovered from COVID-19 are infected again' - Dr Akuɔ̈t:'Kɔc wäär cë pial në COVID-19 acenë ke kɔc kɔ̈k bɛɛr yök keke cë bɛɛr wuɔɔk'


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Doctor Akuot Acol Dut is based in the United States, and she is part of the South Sudanese health professionals who are educating South Sudanese online about COVID-19. Dr Akuot said that 'there are cases of teenagers and children infected'. Some of the people who were declared free of COVID-19 contracted the virus again.


Dïktor Akuot Acol ë Dut ee rantöŋë kɔc ye ye akëëm ku ye jam në tuanyë COVID-19 ku të yenë awuɔk ciɛɛthïn. Në ye mɛn ke tuany cë bɛɛr lɔ dhuk në ɣän juïc në Victoria kunë Amirka, keka cenë wuɔk bë jam wuɔnë yen në ye man miäknë.

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