Peter Biar:'They would yell out, bring the condom, bring a machete then an agonising cry" - Peter Biar:'Aye kɔc yɔŋ në Blue House'


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South Sudanese Government released little about the cause of the riots at the National Security's facility (the blue house) on 7 Oct 2018. This segment is the continuation of the story in part two.


Në penë thiɛ̈r ɣɔn cenë kɔc tɔ̈ në Thejinic ke nïïm thiɛ̈ɛ̈k ku lomkɛ̈ dhɛ̈ŋ, aye Biar luel ye ke ye rɛ̈ɛ̈c cenë kek tɔ̈ thïn kuka cïï kek guup.

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