William Yekrop, a Dinka refugee originally from Sudan, was moved to the North-West Point Detention centre - Kɔc kerou ye junubïïn atɔ̈ keke ye biänë kɔc cë kek laar


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Refugees are among about 100 immigration detainees currently being held at the recently reopened North-West Point facility on Christmas Island, facing deportation on character grounds, despite government authorities previously stating no asylum seekers or refugees would be transferred.


Në kɔc cë kek laar në Thëjinic në ye mɛn panë Ɣothuraliɛ, ke kɔc kerou aye kɔc ke panë Junub ëë ke rɛ̈ɛ̈r baai enë ake jɔt.

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