11 - Optimize Your Workspace


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Show Notes

A clear and clean working space is an essential part of the work that you do. Having a place that is free of clutter allows you to think clearly, stay focused, and get things done. But this begs the question: how do you get started? If you know anything about Jill, you know that she is an organizational fanatic. Today, she’s breaking down how to optimize your workspace.

First things first: it can be overwhelming to tackle your entire house at once. Start small! Especially if this is your first time organizing--take a look at a drawer, a surface--something that’s just driving you nuts. If you have a pen, pencil, highlighter drawer, dive in. This is a space you probably use multiple times throughout your day and holds things you need all the time!

From there, find a cleared-out space where you can dump everything out. Here is where you make the edits--take a look at what’s in front of you and decide what you need and what you don’t. Those little things that you thought you’d get use out of but didn’t, gone. Pass them to a friend, donate them, or give them to clients. Whatever it is, get it out of your space.

Once you’ve purged everything out, it’s time to take a look at what organizers you need for your uses. The first step here is to take measurements of the space you’re working with so you can find containers and things that fit properly and make sense. If there’s room in your budget, buy some extra organizers in case some don’t work out the way you thought they would. Leave the tags on in case you have to return anything! Once you find something you like, you can use it anywhere else in the house that works for you.



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