18 - Communication: The Key to Success


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On this week’s episode of the Scale Your Small Business podcast, Jill is breaking down how best to communicate with your team. In today’s working climate, there’s a good chance your team is spread across the globe. When you have so many moving parts in so many places, it’s absolutely essential that your communications are down-pat.

First thing’s first: the cleanest, fastest, most efficient way to fire off a quick message or question is a program called Slack. This is a free communication platform that, when things get nuts towards the end of a deadline, is a lifesaver. This program has a different notification message from email, so you’ll know someone is trying to get a hold of you in real-time. These questions and comments can be addressed first and faster than an email, which is all-important when in a crunch.

For questions and conversations related to a specific project, Jill recommends using a platform called Asana. This is a tool that allows you to create a “board” where you can set tasks, assign them, and everyone can keep track of what step each project is on as they are completed. With this way of organizing responsibilities, if there is a question regarding a part of a task, you can quickly see who is assigned to it and find any links, materials, or content you need. The only major challenge here is the initial set up. Remember, if there’s a useful tool that you don’t quite understand how to use, don’t shy away! Find someone to help you!

On both of these platforms, you can tag teammates to reference them when you need them. That way, people are confused by conversations they aren’t involved in and can keep on task where their attention is needed most.

Once you’re in on these platforms, consider using ScreenFlow to train and coach new team members in how to use them!

With everything together, you’re sure to increase your team’s efficiency and efficacy over time. You won’t regret it!

Key Takeaways

  1. Use Slack, a professional messaging platform, to quickly address questions and have on-the-fly conversations. Slack is great when you need to get things done fast--who doesn’t love that?
  2. Asana is a great platform to keeping tasks, assignments, and responsibilities straight. With this tool, you can keep track of what steps need to be done on a specific project and communicate with relevant team members.
  3. Don’t forget to use ScreenFlow to train new hires on these platforms, so that they can transition smoothly into their new position.

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