4 - The Power of Delegation


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Today’s topic is something you probably know you need to do, especially if you’re a high-achiever. On this episode, we’re breaking down delegation--how we can train, educate, and empower our team to tackle tasks with the same intensity and passion you bring to the table. Being able to trust someone to accomplish assignments frees you up physically and mentally to focus on the things that are most important to you.

Jill’s first tip is to build a ScreenFlow Library. ScreenFlow records your screen while you talk through what you’re doing. This is a great tool when training a team member on how to complete an assigned task. By using ScreenFlow, you allow another person to learn at the pace that works for them and ensure they have access to the in’s and out’s of what their responsibilities are. Beyond that, if they have any questions in the future, everything they need to know it right there for them to instantly refresh their memory.

When we’ve gotten to the actual act of delegating a task, there are a few key steps to follow:

  1. Teach them to complete the task
  2. Show them HOW to complete the task
  3. Have them complete the task WITH you
  4. Watch them complete the task
  5. Teach them how to think through the task on their own
  6. Think through the task together
  7. Have them think through the task for you

These steps do a number of things in addition to empowering an employee or an assistant to take that initiative to complete a task. Yes, it frees up a huge amount of time, energy, and resources, but it also gives team members autonomy and the ability to complete a task no matter the stage it is in. By having the team member think through the assignment out loud, you gain insight into their thought process and can better communicate your own strategies related to the task at hand. Allow people the opportunity to explain how they work! Make sure they have confidence in knowing how YOU would complete the task--then, they can transfer that work-ethic into their own day-to-day. The only way they’d ever know that is if you show them!

These 7 steps are quick, actionable things you can apply today to improve the delegation in your organization. Remember, you don’t have to dive into all 7 at once--maybe you choose one or two steps at first and lead into the rest as you see fit.

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