6 - Keeping Your Data Safe


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Imagine this: you’ve poured hours upon hours in a project--blood, sweat, and tears went into this thing you’ve worked so hard on. You’re proud of it and ready to share it with the world! Then suddenly, it goes missing--your computer crashes, your laptop falls off the desk, your phone drops into the toilet. You guessed it, today on the Scale Your Small Business Podcast, we’re talking about data and how you can keep it safe. Because it’s not an “if” but a “when.”

Jill has had her fair share of scare and unfortunate losses when it comes to losing data, in fact, it happened just recently (and in the middle of a launch!) where her newly created websites went missing for days without a clear way to recover all the hard work her and her team had done.

So...how can we prevent that pit in our stomach?

Jill’s first recommendation is Dropbox. With an unlimited Dropbox account, you and your team can save, store, and back up data safely and securely. Even during an evacuation situation where you’ll have to leave your hardware behind, your data will remain available.

She also suggests using a plugin to your website that automatically backs up the changes you make and the progress you and your team achieve.

It’s not just professional data, either. Backing up your personal photos can help keep those sentimental moments in your life safe.

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Key Takeaways

+ There are an endless amount of things and events that can compromise your data and hard work.

+ Backing up your data with Dropbox, website plugins, and the Cloud keeps your data safe and secure, while remaining quickly accessible.

+ It’s worth having more than one layer of backup, just to be safe!

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