#82 – Podcast Update


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Humble Beginnings to new campaigns…

#82 – Podcast Update


This is a quick episode to update listeners on the state of the podcast, and what we have coming up!

TL;DR below for those who don’t want to listen to the whole update:

  • The last episode, #81-Off into the Sunset, was the final recorded episode in our Horde of the Dragon Queen campaign.
  • We’re going to try to either get together for one final session to wrap things up in character or just have a casual chat about the campaign and get some insight on how we all thought it may end.
  • While we try to organize that final wrap up for the Dragon Queen, I’ll be posting a one-shot Stephen ran for our group during the course of our campaign.
  • Once the wrap up for Horde of the Dragon Queen has been posted, we’ll be moving on to a brand new campaign ran by Luke called The Dungeon of Doom.

Thanks for listening! -Lindsay

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