Gimmick Awards 2019 – Best Moment


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It’s kind of obvious to say that interactivity is what makes games special. No shit, right? That interactivity leads to an additional level of investment, makes things feel more personal. And that makes for incredible moments, where you connect with the game in a way that you won’t forget. Six and Jen are here to decide 2019’s Best Moment. Here are the nominees.

Skipping a cutscene (Death Stranding)
Making Dong Zhuo beg (Total War: Three Kingdoms)
The Ashtray Maze (Control)
Calling your mom (A Short Hike)
The Quantum Moon (Outer Wilds)
Figuring out what’s wrong (Outer Wilds)
Mikiri Counter (Sekiro)
Dropping on the train (Apex Legends)
That Fucking Cane Guy (Judgment)
Having a Good Group Cry (Kingdom Hearts III)
Reading poetry in a fight (DMCV)

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