Gimmick Awards 2019 – Best New Character


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Here at Scanline Media, there isn’t much we enjoy more than some good writing. As such, we always make it a point to celebrate well written characters. Here are the best new characters from video games in 2019, according to Six and Jen! Your nominees are:

Polaris (Control)
Emily Pope (Control)
Veronica (Dragon Quest XI)
Parvati (The Outer Worlds)
V (Devil May Cry V)
Bernadetta (Fire Emblem Three Houses)
Felix (Fire Emblem Three Houses)
Edelgard (Fire Emblem Three Houses)
Kaito (Judgment)
Baba (Baba Is You)
The Goose (Untitled Goose Game)
Aiba (AI: The Somnium Files)
Bede (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
The Mayor (Wattam)
Zagreus (Hades)

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