Gimmick Awards 2019 – Best New Fighting Game Character


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The 2019 Gimmick Awards continue! Here at Scanline Media, we’re all about fighting games, so every year we try to honor excellence in fighting game design. What was the best new fighting game character this year? Jen, Six, and Kyrie assemble to discuss these nominees.

Gogeta Blue (Dragon Ball FighterZ)
Neo Politan (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle)
Yumi (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle)
Robo Azuma (Ultra Fight Da Kyanta 2)
Darli Dagger (Samurai Shodown)
Velvet (Them’s Fightin Herds)
Zenos (Dissidia Final Fantasy NT)
Ren (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)
Charlotta (Granblue Fantasy Versus)
Ferry (Granblue Fantasy Versus)
Super Broly (Dragon Ball FighterZ)

Our intro music is Noble Execution from Granblue Fantasy Versus.

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